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Positioning tube with rack

Code: 07216

Net price: 83.96 euro


Code: 07300.60

Net price: 0.67 euro

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Lead assembly 12m [M] (9/16”)

Code: 09095

Net price: 203.52 euro

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Lead assembly 6m [M] (9/16”)

Code: 09090

Net price: 119.88 euro

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Pinion assembly

Code: 7-2827

Shield cap, machine 60-120A

Code: 60488

Net price: 5.75 euro

Shield cap, machine 30-60A

Code: 60487

Net price: 5.57 euro

Shield cap, hand 60-120A

Code: 60486

Net price: 6.31 euro

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Shield cap body 60-120A Max Life

Code: 60483/S

Net price: 16.42 euro

Photo soon

Mounting block

Code: 07217

Photo soon

Shield cap body 30-60A Max Life

Code: 60482/S

Net price: 16.19 euro

Shield cap body 30-60A

Code: 60482

Net price: 10.27 euro

Contact tip 120A

Code: 51488

Net price: 1.39 euro

Shield cap, hand 30-60A

Code: 60485

Net price: 6.06 euro

Shield cap body 60-120A

Code: 60483

Net price: 10.45 euro

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Contact tip 90-100A

Code: 51487

Net price: 1.39 euro

Dysza 30A

Code: 51480

Net price: 1.39 euro

Tip cutting 30A

Code: 51470

Net price: 1.39 euro

Contact tip 60A

Code: 51484

Net price: 1.39 euro

Contact tip 70A

Code: 51485

Net price: 1.39 euro

Contact tip 80A

Code: 51486

Net price: 1.39 euro

Contact tip 40A

Code: 51481

Net price: 1.39 euro

Contact tip 50-60A

Code: 51482

Net price: 1.39 euro

Insulator High Frequency 30-120A

Code: 07924

Net price: 20.18 euro

Double pointed spacer

Code: 60444

Net price: 5.50 euro

Photo soon

Shield cap 60-120A Max Life

Code: 60481/S

Net price: 14.68 euro

Photo soon

Shield cap 30-60A Max Life

Code: 60480/S

Net price: 14.55 euro

Shield cap 30-60A

Code: 60480

Net price: 9.70 euro

Shield cap 60-120A

Code: 60481

Net price: 9.96 euro

Coil spring

Code: 60442

Net price: 0.88 euro